Letter to BS: Modi's claims on triple talaq, Sabarimala smack of hypocrisy

Although the practice of triple talaq needs to be condemned strongly, the BJP is using the issue for political gains

Prime Minister Narendra Modi addresses a gathering, in Rae Bareli, Sunday (Photo: PTI)

In an interview given to a news agency, Prime Minister Narendra Modi (pictured) claimed that while the triple talaq issue is related to gender equality, the Sabarimala issue is related to tradition. Modi has displayed his sheer hypocrisy by making this absurd claim. He laid much emphasis on the dissenting view by Justice Indu Malhotra. It is strange that he conveniently chooses to neglect the majority judgment of the apex court and instead rely on the minority view. Modi's stand is however not surprising. The Bharatiya Jana Sangh had opposed the Hindu code bill tooth and nail. Although ...