Solar power-run RO plants quench thirst for safe drinking water

They provide an anchor load for the solar power plants especially during summers when water chilling facility is also used besides bundling up related businesses with power generation

solar power

At the tip of an unused railway line is the Bela Rail Wheel Factory, a landmark in the Saran district of Bihar. Deeper in the area, an auto rickshaw blares out, “Balu makhi ko bhagana hai, kala-azar mitana hai (Shoo away female sandfly, end kala-azar)”. Spread of disease because of unclean surroundings and contaminated water and food is not uncommon in many rural areas of Bihar. Mahmadpur, a village only 34 km away from state capital Patna, where the auto rickshaw was carrying out an awareness campaign about the fly that carries the parasite of life-threatening ...