Priyanka, Scindia given responsibility of UP for 'new dream': Rahul

Asserting that the Congress will work with "full force" to defeat the BJP, he expressed confidence that this step will bring about a "new kind of thinking" and "a positive change" in Uttar Pradesh

Priyanka Gandhi has been given responsibility of eastern Uttar Pradesh to present a “new dream” to the people of Uttar Pradesh and bring about a “positive change”, Congress President Rahul Gandhi said on Wednesday after taking the “big step”.

Asserting that the Congress will work with “full force” to defeat the BJP, he expressed confidence that this step will bring about a “new kind of thinking” and “a positive change” in Uttar Pradesh.

Rahul, whose party has been kept out by Samajwadi Party and BSP in an anti-BJP alliance, said the Congress is keen to create its “own space” and Wednesday’s “big step” is in that direction.

The Congress would “not be playing on the back foot but on the front foot”, he said, adding “Our goal is to present a new dream.”

Describing it as “a good step”, Rahul said, “the BJP is worried” by it.

He  said his sister Priyanka and party leader Jyotiraditya Scindia, who will be working in the state for two months ahead of the Lok Sabha elections, are “powerful youth leaders” who will bring a change in the situation in the state.

Priyanka and Scindia will present “the right kind of ideology for the poor, for the oppressed people”, he said, expressing hope that “a new kind of thinking and a positive change” will come in UP.

“My sister is very capable and workaholic and Jyotiraditya is also a very dynamic leader. I have full confidence that the Congress will give to the people of UP, particularly the youth what they want,” the party president said.

He said the Congress will present the thinking that ensures progress of everyone, particularly the youth, irrespective of religion or caste.

“We never will play on back foot, neither in Gujarat nor in UP. We do politics for the public and development. Wherever we get a chance, we will play on the front foot,” the Congress chief said.

“We want to tell the people of UP, the youth and farmers of UP, that you wasted a lot of time. You made a BJP government. It has caused destruction. Now remove them and we will give you No. 1 state,” Rahul said.

Asked whether his sister would be contesting the polls, he said, “I leave it to Priyanka to decide...Personally, I'm very happy with this decision.” 

When pointed out that the SP and BSP had kept the Congress out of their alliance, Rahul said the ideology of all the three parties is similar and he would like to work with them, wherever possible, to defeat the BJP.

“I have a lot of respect for Mayawati and Akhilesh Yadav... The goal of all the three parties is to defeat the BJP. We have to fight for the Congress ideology... If there is a chance of working together, we are ready,” the Congress President said.

Uttar Pradesh plays a crucial role in forming a central government as it has 80 out of 543 Lok Sabha seats at stake, the maximum any state has. (ANI)