Rahul instructs Cong leaders to expose 'dictatorship-style governance' of Modi govt

Ahead of the Lok Sabha elections, Congress President Rahul Gandhi on Saturday instructed the Pradesh Congress Committee (PCC) presidents and Congress Legislature Party (CLP) leaders to expose the "anti-farmers, anti-youth, anti-women, and anti-people policies" of the Prime Minister Narendra Modi-led government.

He opined that the "dictatorship style of governance of the Modi government" should be highlighted in the campaign.

During the meeting with the PCC presidents and CLP leaders, Rahul stressed on highlighting in the public campaign of the party the burning issues of unemployment, farmers distress, sabotage of constitutional bodies, misuse of the institutions and investigative agencies, in the mass campaign and social media.

Furthermore, Rahul emphasised that the pro-people policies proposed by the Congress party like the Minimum Income Guarantee programme should be taken to the people across the country.

According to a release by the AICC, "All states PCC presidents and CLP leaders were asked to focus on State oriented major issues and o suggest them to the AICC Manifesto committee."

Regarding candidate selection and finalisation, the Congress chief guided to take broader steps to make them more inclusive and to ensure the participation of maximum party stakeholders and workers. He also instructed to complete the candidate selection process as soon as possible.