Valentine's Day: Love doubles rose prices; flowers imported for first time

Prices double as wedding season overlaps with Valentine's Day

This year, demand has been so good that for the first time India has imported 10-15 shipments of roses from South America and Africa

If you have waited till Valentine’s Day to buy your beloved a rose — instead of doing that a week back on Rose Day (February 7) — you might have to pay double for the flower. In Mumbai or New Delhi, each rose is selling for Rs 20-22 ahead of February 14. This translates into a realisation of Rs 15 a stem for farmers. Even a week back, it was about Rs 7-9 a stem. Sources in the flower industry said Valentine’s Day is celebrated now not only by young couples but people of all ages. Buying your partner a flower or a bouquet on February 14 is a hot trend. ...