Young entrepreneurs are brewing a whole new experience in the coffee cup

Coffee has always been looked at as an export commodity

From Foodhall and Le Marche to Modern Bazaar and Nature’s Basket, you are likely to find their ready-to-drink cold brew

The year was 2013. Café Coffee Day had just hit 1,500 outlets in India and the world was drinking 5,500 cups of Nescafé’s instant coffee every second. Except Ashish D’Abreo was brewing his coffee at home in Bengaluru with fresh roasts from his friend Tej Thammaiah’s estate in Coorg. Their taste had a mutual agreement. So the two blissfully unaware snobs opened a coffee company and named it after a rodent that frequently visited the estate. The announcement was soon followed by a call from a deeply distraught customer. “The guy was ...