Beware of bots: Automation could wipe out almost half of all jobs in 20 yrs

OECD has highlighted a squeeze on the middle classes, future jobs losses from technology and a widespread dissatisfaction in rich countries

The employment report is the latest OECD warning about risks to governments in advanced economies, which have already manifested themselves in a surge of support for populist political leaders

Automation, robots and globalisation are rapidly changing the workplace and governments must act fast and decisively to counter the effects or face a worsening of social and economic tensions, the OECD warned. Almost half of all jobs could be wiped out or radically altered in the next two decades due to automation, the Paris-based group said in a report on Tuesday. According to OECD Labor Director Stefano Scarpetta, the pace of change will be “startling.” Safety nets and training systems built up over decades to protect workers are struggling to keep up with the ...