Spotify records 217 million monthly active users in Q1, 2019

Spotify recorded an uptick in its monthly active users in Q1, 2019 at 217 million after a 26 per cent growth.

The music streaming service expanded its global market footprint to 79 countries by launching in India in late February, where it recorded more than 1 million users in the first week itself.

It now boasts more than 2 billion users in India, Spotify noted in its official release. Meanwhile, premium subscribers grew to 100 million, up by 32 per cent.

In terms of total revenue, Spotify recorded a 33 per cent increase at 1,511 million euros with premium revenue of 1,385 million euros in Q1 growing 34 per cent.

Ad-supported revenue grew 24 per cent at 126 million euros and the average revenue per user was 4.71 euros in Q1.