Singing, shouting, mimicry in public among acts banned in Ahmedabad

Ahmedabad Police Commissioner A K Singh called the notification a regular exercise that allows the police to control activities in public domain in the nature of any agitation or protest

The notification was issued under the provisions of the Criminal Procedure Code and the power vested by the Gujarat Police Act | Representative image: Shutterstock

Singing, shouting and mimicry are among the acts that when conducted in public could violate security and result in "toppling the state", believes the Ahmedabad police. The police commissioner of the city has banned these activities in Ahmedabad from May 7 to May 21, according to an Indian Express report. Other acts that have been prohibited include carrying firearms, batons, daggers, explosives, swords, knives of Rampuri-style. The notification dated May 2 also prohibits playing instruments, carrying effigies, shouting, singing, and delivering stylish ...