The story of a few young Parsi men who pedalled to far-off continents

Almost a century ago, a few Parsis pedalled to far-off continents. Their voyages will feature in a photo exhibition

Adi Hakim, Jal Bapasola and Rustom Bhumgara after their return to India

How did six young Parsis manage to tour a 1920s’ world with all its 1920s’ complexities on modest bicycles? First of all, they did not tell their parents. Fibs, that they would be cycling only within the country, allowed them out of the door in 1923 and into a five-year-long expedition that spanned Mesopotamia, Africa, Europe, United States and East Asia. “One family only found out when the group reached Persia,” says former journalist Anoop Babani who is researching the cyclists’ lives and work. Maps, a compass, some clothes and money from savings and ...