Natasha Lyonne to star in political comedy 'Irresistible'

"Russian Doll" star Natasha Lyonne has boarded the cast of Jon Stewart's second directorial venture "Irresistible".

The film's cast, led by Steve Carell, also includes Topher Grace, Rose Byrne, Mackenzie Davis and Chris Cooper.

The story follows a Democrat political consultant, played by Carell, who helps a retired ex-marine colonel (Cooper) to run for the post of Mayor in a small town in Wisconsin.

"Irresistible", dubbed as a political comedy, will mark Lyonne's return to the big screen after her role in the critically-acclaimed Netflix series, "Russian Doll".

The 40-year-old American actor is best known for her role of prison inmate Nicky Nichols in "Orange is the New Black".

Stewart, a former TV host, made his directorial debut with 2014's incarceration drama "Rosewater". He will also produce the project alongside Brad Pitt's Plan B Entertainment.