Shah rejects opposition charge of BJP lowering political discourse during poll campaign

BJP president Amit Shah Friday rejected allegations of opposition parties that the saffron party had lowered the standard of discourse during the election campaign, claiming that most of his party leaders in their speech concentrated on development and devoted barely three-four minutes to give "political replies".

Addressing a press conference, Shah challenged everyone to analyse the speeches of BJP leaders to find out how most of the content revolved around "vikas" (development).

"Analyse any of their speeches. Out of the 40 minute speeches there would be 29-36 minutes would be on development issues and around 3-4 minutes would be political response. Unfortunately, only that part would be highlighted to drive TRPs and to make headlines. What can we do?" he said.

He said that the public has not only listened to the issues but have accepted them as well.

"We got historic mandate in 2014. We started our election campaign from January 16...Our target was to win the 120 Lok Sabha seats which we couldn't win the last time. We are confident that we'll receive good results," Shah said.