Letter to BS: After exit polls, Opposition parties once again blaming EVMs

Opposition needs to dispassionately analyse the current political scenario

The VVPAT machines, which will be attached to the EVMs, will allow voters to verify if their vote has gone to the intended candidate. (Photo: pib.nic.in)
VVPAT machines

Exit polls are out and the Opposition parties are once again blaming electronic voting machines (EVMs). It shows that they still have not come to terms with the reality. Prime Minister Narendra Modi's rise in 2014 has been a very significant development in the political landscape of our country. This is no small change by any standards considering it pushed the Congress party, a party considered the natural choice for governance for long, to the margins. This was made possible by a wide acceptance of the alternate narrative set in motion by Modi.

Today, the Opposition needs to dispassionately analyse the current political scenario. Just harping on EVMs would not take them anywhere. What is required on their part is introspection on what went wrong and what lies ahead. The Opposition needs to present an alternate vision and programme that has the potential to take the country to newer heights. Individual bashing or making the EVM the fall guy would not yield any result.

If they mean business, all Opposition parties should build a common front, choose a leader to represent them in the coming Lok Sabha, and chart out their plan and policies. This would certainly put a new government on its toes. Who wins if that happens? Clearly, our democracy.

Sanjeev Kumar Singh, Jabalpur

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