From Uber to Britannia, brands take guard on the ICC World Cup pitch

Uber, Puma, Nissan, Britannia have already lined up for the upcoming parade of cricketing nations, looking to align with the game and its legion of fans

virat kohli
Virat Kohli is the face of many brand campaigns in the run up to the World Cup, as he is for the ongoing Uber multi-country campaign

Virat Kohli is everywhere, not just getting his gear on for the upcoming month-and-a-half long ICC World Cup that is barely ten days away, but also on every screen; plying friendly taxi rides, shoes and sportswear, he is asking viewers to cheer the team on as they battle for the Cup. Even as Kohli whips up the loudest buzz, his team mates MS Dhoni, Rishab Pant and former players are all adding to the noise made by brands cracking their bat at the biggest game of them all. No surprise this, for as the recent report by ESP Properties showed, in India, cricket beats all other sports ...