AI pilot complaints to DGCA CVO against falsification of documents by CFOI

An Air India pilot has complained to the Chief Vigilance Officer (CVO) in the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) over the alleged falsification of documents belonging to him by the Deputy Chief Flight Operation Inspector (CFOI).

The national carrier has also asked the CVO to conduct a probe regarding why the CFOI has downgraded the pilot.

A complaint was filed by the Air India captain (Flight Instructor) with the CVO regarding the alleged falsification of his documents by CFOI on April 11 in Hyderabad.

In the complaint, the Air India pilot states: "There are two versions of the DGCA check form. One with comments annotated at the back of the check from without the candidates' countersignature and the second one without any comments...The form with comments annotated at the back has been filed without his consent or knowledge at a later date and is allegedly falsified and forged."

"The Dy CFOI was allegedly biased and had arrived to conduct the check with a premeditated mal-intent against me. Since I performed all exercises to the desired standards, the FOI deliberately marked three exercises as unsatisfactory," the complainant adds.

The complainant further said: "On being provided with the supporting documents proving that the three exercises were performed to standards, the FOI allegedly falsified and forged government forms (DGCA check forms) and submitted them to DGCA."

On April 29, the Air India Director, Operation, had also written a letter to the DGCA over Air India captain (Flight Instructor) check report.

The letter stated: "We have received an appeal for review of the subject check and the check report for the Air India Captain, who has contested the subject check report and raised concern over the check report submitted to him, he has submitted that the remarks on the report were added overleaf as afterthought post submission of the check report."

The letter further states: "We are submitting copies of both the above-mentioned report and explanation for the procedures and techniques carried out by the Air India captain during the subject check and submitted by him for your perusal."

"The manner in which the subject check has been documented raises concerns and we request you to kindly look into the matter keeping in view the appeal and compliance with standards procedures following during DGCA FOI checks," the letter added.

The letter further says: "In the complaint filed with the CVO, the Air India Captain has charged the Dy CFOI with unethical conduct and falsification of government (DGCA) check form. He has requested the CVO to take appropriate action.