Amid tariff threat, Japan to impress Trump with golf, wrestling and warship

Abe has poured resources into cultivating a personal relationship with Trump since his 2016 victory, using a heavy dose of flattery to sidestep damaging trade actions.

Shinzo Abe
Shinzo Abe, Japan PM

With U.S.-Japan tensions swirling over trade, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is treating Donald Trump to some fun when he visits Tokyo for a state visit: A round of golf, sumo wrestling and a visit to a warship. Trump’s widely expected visit to the Kaga, one of the two biggest warships Japan has built since World War II, will also be a chance for Abe to emphasize that his government is spending more on U.S. military equipment as they wrangle over trade.  Top negotiators will meet separately to hammer out a deal, with the U.S. threatening to raise auto tariffs and seeking ...