Acute water crisis prevalent in parts of Raipur, claim locals

With temperatures constantly on the rise, parts of the state capital are facing acute water crisis and citizens living in such areas are forced to travel far or wait in large queues to fulfill their daily water requirement.

Residents of Saddu-Mowa area's BSUP colony are dependent on water tankers and less frequent water supply on a few public pumps for their water needs.

Even at the public pumps, the locals queue up with their water buckets and utensils much before the time of water supply. Water here, locals say, is available only for a few hours during the day.

One of the locals, Preeti, told ANI, "We have already complained to Municipal Corporation and at zone office but no action is being taken. Water tanker also comes only in the blocks where some politically connected people live. We go to a pond about three kilometres away to fetch water."

Another resident Nisha added, "The water scarcity is very prominent in this area. We have been facing this for about three years now."

Syed Imran Ali, a man who was seen travelling in an auto with lots of buckets and utensils, told ANI, "We are going to fetch water as there is an acute shortage of water in this area. In summers, the situation worsens."

Women of the area also protested demanding resolution of the water crisis.

Speaking on the water crisis, the Municipal Commissioner said that a long term strategy is being adopted to deal with the issue.

Shiv Anant Tayal, Municipal Commissioner, told ANI, "It is true that there is water crisis and it is mainly because of lowering ground water level. As part of long term strategy, we are working on water recharging through water harvesting. Through Amrit Mission, we are also trying to connect all houses with piped water supply. As an alternative, we deploy water tankers."

In view of the depleting water level of river Indravati, the locals are now gearing up to save what they call the 'lifeline' of Bastar region.