Pilgrims face problems in Gangotri as facilities go for a toss

Pilgrims visiting Gangotri, one of the most prominent religious spots for Hindus in the country, have to face a lot of hardships for want of basic facilities.

A large number of pilgrims come to offer prayers at Gangotri temple every day, and they have to face a lot of inconvenience due to lack of basic arrangements.

"The delay in completing the renovation of 'Snaan Ghat' (bathing platform) has caused major inconvenience to the pilgrims visiting Gangotri Dham," Suresh Semwal, head of the temple committee, while talking to ANI.

"They are not able to take a bath at the 'Snaan Ghat.' There is no other alternative arrangement as well," added Semwal.

Pilgrims' woes don't end here. Lack of telecommunication, ATM and bank facilities further adds to their woes.

It is said that one gets liberation if he or she takes a holy dip at 'Gangotri Snaan Ghat,' a reason which attracts a large number of pilgrims from across the country every year.