Physique Global aims to set up 150 centres in India

Physique Global CEO Jag Chima Tuesday said his company would be happy to be part of one per cent of USD two billion fitness market in India.

"We would be happy to be part of one per cent of the USD two billion market. It is a huge market. Everybody needs fitness, from children to senior citizens," he told PTI here.

In next eight years, the company aims to set up 150 centres in India, and some of those will be low-revenue centres forvillagers, Chima said.

Physique Global, which provides fitness mentoring and educative service to fitness enthusiasts around the world, started India operations in 2011 and is owned by Chimaand celebrity personal trainer Kris Gethin.

It also operates Kris Gethin gyms across the globe.

The company started its first gym in India in Hyderabad in 2015.

Talking about jobs, Chima said so far the company has generated 300 excess jobs.

"These jobs range from trainers, all the way up to accountants, digital media specialists and other jobs related to fitness industry," he added.

The company would love to employ more people, but it aspires to grow at a slow and steady pace to build quality centres, Chima said.

"I am hoping we would create thousands of jobs over the next decade in India, for sure," he said.

In Bengaluru, the company aims to create 30 to 35 jobs by having five clubs, because people would not want to travel long distances within the city due to traffic snarls, Chima said.

He also said the company aims to make a positive dent in the market as they have trained over 4,000 trainers, with which it has been changing the face of the fitness industry in India since 2011.

Asked about revenue targets, Chima said he has not planned his business on revenue model, but to set up quality fitness centres.

The company, also, is more interested to get the right partners, he added.

Right now, the company boasts of seven centres in India and plans to have another 18, he said.

The company also plans to open centres in the UK, USA, Canada in the beginning of next year, which will have slightly different model, Chima said.

Chima said the company has worked with actors Hrithik Roshan, John Abraham and Mahesh Babu, to promote its programmes.

Former India paceman S Sreesanth was the first cricketer to work with the company, he said.