Jaipur: Doctors wear black armband to protest against Kolkata hospital violence

Doctors at Jaipuria hospital are carrying out their duty wearing black armbands as a mark of protest over violence against doctors in West Bengal.

"This is not a work boycott. The patients are getting their treatment. We are only trying to register our protest against such violence. Even Indian Medical Association (IMA) has condemned the incident in West Bengal," Dr Vidya Prakash told ANI.

The protest comes in line with the junior doctors' protest in Kolkata after two of their colleagues were attacked and seriously injured over an issue of alleged negligence at the NRS Medical College and Hospital on Tuesday.

"All Rajasthan in Service Doctors Association (ARISDA) President Dr Ajay Chaudhary has allowed us to work wearing black bands. Doctors are feeling unsafe. We demand security for doctors and strict actions against the perpetrators," said Prakash.

Talking about the effect of violence on quality of treatment, resident Dr Varun Singh said, "We see around 100-200 patients a day. Violence can cause pressure on the doctors and strain the doctor-patient relationship."

There is no security for doctors in either government or private hospitals. It is a big concern, Singh said.

Doctors around the country are coming out in support for the protest in over violence against doctors.