TTE turns good Samaritan, helps woman deliver baby onboard

A woman on Saturday delivered her baby onboard a moving train with help from her co-passengers and the TTE, who turned good Samaritan for the expecting mother.

The woman named Kumkum Kumari was travelling from Delhi to Supaul (Bihar) by Rajdhani Train when she experienced labour pain. Her husband informed TTE HHS Rana about it.

The TTE immediately went through the list of passengers to find if any doctor is travelling on the train. When he was unable to find medical help, he wasted no time and along with the help of some other women passengers, helped Kumkum deliver her baby.

Both the baby and mother are said to be in stable condition.

The couple thanked the TTE and fellow women passengers and termed them as the 'second form of god.'

"TTE HS Rana helped us during this time like a guardian angel," said an elated Kumkum.