Movie review: 'Kabir Singh' is despicable but it may become a hit

The problem is not that Kabir Singh, a violent, misogynistic and egotistical alcoholic, is loved or hated. It is the fact that he is celebrated, writes Veer Arjun Singh

Kabir Singh

Don’t get me wrong. If Kabir Singh was a real person, he would be among the nice ones. All that this ace surgeon needs is the obeisance of a beautiful woman to stay the course of excellence. What if he gets angry often? The man loves and protects his woman with all his might. It’s not his fault that the woman is drawn to his terrifying authority. After all, he is a go-getter, a real-life superhero, who can drink and smoke his way through a football match and fix and break bones with unrivalled accuracy. Kabir Singh’s abs, lungs, liver and masculinity may be fictitious, ...