Case against Colonel, 40 soldiers for allegedly damaging crop, intimidating civilian

An FIR has been registered against a Colonel in the Army, Kedar Gaikwad, and around 40 Army personnel for allegedly intimidating a civilian, Monika Gade, and damaging crop on a disputed agricultural land in Khed area of Pune district.

According to the FIR filed on June 23, Gade allegedly had a property dispute with the Army official. She, nonetheless, planted soybean seeds on the disputed land.

In retaliation, the Colonel, along with 30-40 Army personnel, allegedly drove to the village on Saturday, ruined the crop and marched around the village with guns in an attempt to intimidate Gade and her family.

The FIR was registered against the Colonel and soldiers on Sunday at Khed police station under various Sections of Indian Penal Code (IPC) including, 143 (Punishment for unlawful assembly), 144 (Joining unlawful assembly armed with deadly weapons) and 149 (Every member of unlawful assembly guilty of the offence committed).