My favourite campaign is 'Sports Illustrated' from 2000s: Kartik Smetacek

The campaign centered around the idea: "You may not get it, but our 25 million readers do"

nike ad campaign
The Sports Illustrated campaign came out during the golden era of Fallon McElligott, Minneapolis

Which is your favourite campaign and why? There are so many great campaigns I’ve loved and admired over the years: The Economist's campaign for its understated brilliance; Nike’s ‘Find Your Greatness’ campaign, which to me is still the epitome of simplicity, and Droga 5’s “Still Free” campaign that expanded the boundaries of what communication can be. However, if I had to pick an all-time favourite, it would be the Sports Illustrated campaign from the early 2000s. For a young copywriter just about finding his feet, the campaign was a ...