Spin-off or pivot? What lies beneath Razorpay's foray into lending

Payment solutions provider Razorpay has the hottest start-ups in its portfolio

Left: Harshil, Right: Shashank
Co-founders Shashank Kumar (left) and Harshil Mathur (right).

This report has been updated to correct an error in the previous version. Solve a problem and get rich: Most budding entrepreneurs perceive this common refrain as finding a solution to a problem that millions of people face. However, two young Indian techies turned the mantra on its head — fix a pain point of thousands of start-ups which cater for tens of millions. IIT Roorkee classmates Harshil Mathur and Shashank Kumar were working at Schlumberger and Microsoft, respectively, when they noticed that payment gateways, basically interfaces that help companies accept ...