How to pick up the most suitable gear for your daily fitness regime

Products in this segment are designed to cater to specific activities. Marathon shoes, for instance, are very different from the kind you'd use for zumba

Yoga, exercise
Performance wear from Proyog. The company offers stretchable and non-restrictive wear suitable for power yoga

If you're getting into a fitness routine, then you'd do well to pick up a suitable set of clothes and shoes for your daily tryst at the gym. After all, you'd want your gear support the workout, not hinder it, right? So if the apparel is oversized or too tight, or if, say, the shoes you're wearing for your zumba session are better designed for a marathon or a 100-metres sprint, your performance is bound to suffer. For energetic gym workouts, heavy sports, running on rough terrains, one needs to invest in quality sportswear. Also called athleisure wear, this kind of gear ...