Woman tries to kidnap her daughter for marrying against her wishes

A woman allegedly tried to abduct her own daughter from the premises of a local court here on Saturday, when the latter had come along with her husband.

The daughter is said to have solemnised court marriage with a man of her choice against the wishes of her mother, sometime back.

"Daughter had married a man sometime back, the mother had opposed it. She had also filed a molestation case against her son-in-law," police said.

"The mother had opposed the marriage and had filed a molestation case against her son-in-law. It is being investigated. But today the couple had come for a different matter when the mother tried to take her away. They were brought to the police station. Action is being taken," said ASP Madhuban Singh.

"My mother and my sister came along with two other persons and they tried to drag me in the car. I resisted," said the woman.

"I eloped and married in court. My mother is against my marriage," she said.