Domestic institutional investors' bump up holding in Indian stocks in June

DII holding touches a record Rs 20.42 trillion, an increase of 0.9 per cent over the previous quarter.

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The share of Sensex market cap is currently at 46 per cent of market capitalisation, higher than the 18-month average of 43 per cent

The money domestic institutional investors (DII) have invested in Indian equities touched a record high in the quarter ended June. The value of the holdings of DIIs—comprising mutual funds, insurers, banks and other financial institutions—rose to 13.78 per cent at the end of June 30, up from 13.69 per cent at the end of the previous quarter, data from nseinfobase.com shows. This is 30 per cent lower than the ownership of foreign portfolio investors (FPIs), which stood at a two-year high of 19.8 per cent on June 30. In absolute terms, too, DII holding ...