Regular exercising is essential for women to avoid a rough 40s: Expert

Workout plans for women at age 35 need to include two to three strength-training sessions as the muscle's endurance/strength post 30 tends to weaken

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Ageing is an experience that comes with different advantages and disadvantages for each human being. For some, they will present themselves sooner rather than later. Few people may not even feel any aches and pains however for few health becomes a major concern. This is probably because exercise has been an important part of their daily routine and with modern lifestyle; people tend to avoid regular exercises.

It's no secret that moving more helps us to be fitter and healthier. Few modern research and records show that only 30 minutes of exercise each day can boost one's overall health and well-being for a longer period of time. Exercising regularly has ample of benefits for body, mind and soul especially after 30s'. Different exercises have different impacts on human body; It can reduce fat, stress and cholesterol, improve body functions, prevent diabetes and boost self-confidence. 

Women are undoubtedly very efficient in comparison with men and they do have proven the same at each step but being physically frailer than men, should take their health more seriously. In the course of completing her responsibilities duly, a woman skips her food which might not make a huge difference when she is in her 20s but can easily haunt in her 30s. Thanks to the penetration of internet and education that women have started taking their health seriously.

Now the question arises that why it is so important for a woman to do physical activities when she enters in her 30s. When you grow old, your body becomes really weak and it can easily be haunted by diseases. 

To start something new, everyone needs encouragement and motivation. It's on us to realize that what motivate us to move. It shall be fair to say that being in her 30s for a woman is the beginning of her adulthood. When you are in your 30s, you are well- settled in your job, most probably in a relationship and for few a must time to plan a family. To keep everything in shape with a healthy living and to avoid rough 40s, a woman must exercise. 

Unlike women in their 20s, women in their 30s have to contend with a changing body, making weight loss and even weight maintenance more challenging. As a woman ages, she needs fewer calories to sustain her as metabolism naturally slows and she begins to lose lean muscle. For a common 30-year-old woman, workout plans need to focus on building muscle all over, in addition to cardio exercises like cycling, running and walks.

Workout plans for women at age 35 need to include two to three strength-training sessions as the muscle's endurance/strength post 30 tends to weaken. Also engaging in cardio intervals three to five days per week to boost caloric burn; you can walk, jog, cycle or use an elliptical for cardio intervals. Add one day of moderate- or high-intensity cardio lasting 45 to 60 minutes and one day of rest to your week.

At this stage people are much more susceptible to back pain. It's very important to work on glute and core strength. Make sure you address the target areas before you get pain. 

Exercise trainers recommend doing yoga or Pilates a few times a week to increase flexibility and reduce the pressure on the back.

To fight the pull of gravity, engage in invisible workouts throughout the day; use stairs instead of elevators and do as many activities standing instead of sitting that you can. Strengthen your core and back muscles while at work, in the car, shopping and playing with your children by pulling your belly button in toward your spine. Pull your shoulders back to combat slumping. With practice, this new posture will become second nature.

Staying fit is not only necessary for leading a healthy life but also an art of living. Sooner we adapt the better!