Article 370 was biggest obstacle in ending terrorism: Shah

Replying to a debate on resolutions for repealing Article 370 and bifurcation of the state into two union territories, Jammu and Kashmir and Ladakh, Shah also urged the people to give the Modi government five year without Article 370 and judge it with the situation prevailed during 70 years under Article 370.

He also said Kashmir is "crown" of India and would remain "heaven" while claiming that Modi government would take the state to a new path of development.

"Terrorism began in Jammu and Kashmir and reached to its peak. Now we are on the path to eliminate it. The youth of Kashmir were misguided due to Article 370 and 35-A. Pakistan took advantage of it. Can we leave these youth on the mercy of separatists, who throws them into terrorism and sends their children to foreign countries for studies," he said.

He said those want continuation of Article 370 made money and were befooling the youth of the Kashmir.

"We want to embrace the youth of J & K and give them flourishing opportunities of employment. Even the separate bill for reservation for economically backward classes would not be required if the resolution is passed in both houses as the provision will get automatically applied to J & K, as in rest of India," he said.

He said it has been a stated policy of Pakistan to support Article 370 and keep the youth away from getting into the mainstream of development and brainwash them into jihad.

"All the political parties with separatist ideology have vested interests to continue Article 370. Their children do not get killed in the bloodshed caused due to terrorism," he said.

Rebutting the apprehension that removing Article 370 would destroy Kashmiri culture, Shah said that all states have preserved their culture and language after becoming a part of the Union of India.

"It is only and only political propaganda that has blinded the youth of Kashmir into believing it for 70 years. I assure the youth of J & K that give this government 5 year and it will become the most progressive region in the country," Shah said.

He said that post the repeal of Article 370, doors to private investment would be opened, which would, in turn, increase the potential for development there.

"Increased investments would lead to increased job creation and further betterment of socio-economic infrastructure in the state.

"Opening of buying of lands would bring in investments from private individuals and multinational companies and give a boost to the local economy, as opposed to the apprehensions raised by those opposing this historic step," he said.

Remembering the sacrifice of civilians and soldiers, who have lost their lives during 1989-2018, Shah said had Article 370 would not been there, these people wouldn't have lost their lives.

"Refugees who came from Pakistan after partition did not get citizenship till now. They cannot become councillors in the state. This has been a historical injustice to these people. As opposed to this, in rest of India two Prime Ministers Manmohan Singh and I K Gujral were elected from those refugees," he said.