Chris Harrison teases about 'Bachelor in Paradise' upcoming episode

When it comes to the high-end drama in 'Bachelor in Paradise,' speculations are the audiences are yet to have the best.

According to E-News, the shows exclusive promo for next week's episode features a massive fight on the beach.

While it's still not clear who exactly was involved with the heated scene, Chris Harrison teased about the must-see moment.

"It is coming this week! Look, we have to draw the line somewhere and a physical altercation is where we draw the line. We don't mind if things get heated. There's a lot of Type A personalities, a lot of testosterone flying but it can't get physical and it did and we broke it up!" he revealed.

However, the actor didn't open much about the specific contestants recruited, therefore it's safe to say audiences will be surprised with who they will be seeing.

"I think you will be surprised with how it went. I'll leave it at that," he teased.

Also, this season isn't all about the drama. Viewers will get a chance to witness Chris Randone and Krystal Nielson's wedding that was shot in Mexico.

"I officiated it! You will see it very soon. We brought in a whole lot of your favourites that weren't just from Bachelor in Paradise. It was a huge celebration. Their families and friends were there. It was a beautiful wedding. It was an honour to stand before them and officiate another Bachelor wedding," said Chris.