BJP leader accuses KCR of destroying Secretariat, compares him with Tughluq

G Vivekananda, who recently joined BJP, has compared Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrashekar Rao with Muhammad bin Tughluq and accused him of demolishing the state Secretariat.

"BJP is a national party led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on the path of prosperity. The state of Telangana was formed on the basis of a democratic Telangana for the benefit of its people. The way KCR is performing as the Chief Minister with the sole intention of his family's progress, there is a family rule in Telangana. There is a dictatorship in Telangana," Vivekananda told ANI here.

"It is opposed by the people. In the last Parliament elections, TRS lost seven seats of MP, because of the dictatorial behaviour of KCR. The Cabinet was not formed for two months. He is demolishing the Secretariat, which is an asset of the state and built for 100 years just because KCR wants to be like Tughluq (Sultan of Delhi from 1325 to 1351). We are all opposing it," he added.

Vivekananda went on to add that Rao is "diverting all the money to an irrigational project, which was only worth Rs 30,000 crore and in the name of redesigning he increased the amount to Rs 1 lakh crore. There is a need for the BJP and the leaders who have worked for getting Telangana to see that KCR is out of his job... He has distributed the money from the commissions of Kaleshwaram project across the country thinking that he can form a federal front and become the Deputy Prime Minister."

Vivekananda joined the BJP on August 9. He was elected to the 15th Lok Sabha from Peddapalli constituency.

K Laxman, Telangana BJP unit president, told ANI: "Vivekananda, who hails from a strong political family of Congress, was instrumental in the Congress' performance in the state. He has joined the BJP along with his followers from Karimnagar district."

"It clearly shows that the trend is in favor of the BJP. People have seen all the parties. TRS, in the name of Telangana, came to power but it has now become a family rule -- totally corrupt and dictatorial. People want a change, which can only be delivered by the BJP."

Laxman said: "When people like Vivekananda join BJP, it is a clear indication of Congress losing its hope. People do not vote for the Congress because after winning, they all join TRS ... Telangana wants a democratic rule. The family rule must be put to an end. That can only be done by the BJP.