Katharine McPhee on adopting David Foster's last name: I like the idea

It's been nearly three months since Katharine McPhee tied the knot with Canadian musician David Foster and adopted his last name but just can't stop gushing over the new addition.

"We've been away since we've been married, so not [yet], but I love it," the 35-year-old actor told Entertainment Tonight, cited by Fox News, after she was asked whether she is used to her new surname or not. "I just love the ring of it, so I'm enjoying it."

The star admitted that she wanted to take up the last name of the musician husband because she's a "romantic" person.

"I've always liked the idea that it's still a traditional thing that exists in our society," she said.

"I like the idea. I think it's romantic and it's a great last name," McPhee added.

She also opened up about how life after marriage is going on.

"We just love being with each other. There's no arguing, no drama. It's just easy," she shared. "That's how it should be."

According to Fox News, the couple, who have a 34-year age gap, exchanged vows in London in June. They began dating in the spring of 2017 but didn't confirm their relationship until a year later when they were spotted together attending the Met Gala.