Revealing and healing the scars through a collection of poetry by Ishani Dubey

'The Scars Will Shine' by the debutant author Ishani Dubey is a compilation of poems in a personalised journey format that explores three phases of life

Launched today, the book is now available on Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, Kindle and Google books.

The self published book, 'The Scars Will Shine' takes one on a journey of finding the light through the dark and emphasises that even the dark is accompanied by the beautiful lit moon reiterating that no matter what one feels right now in the moment, no phase lasts forever and that every phase plays a key role in making us.

The 23 year old author Ishani states that even though one has scars from the past, there always comes a day when these scars start to shine. By using her own life instances, Ishani bonds with the readers instantly as the poems are extremely relatable and heart pinching.

"Both reading and writing poetry has had a therapeutic influence on me. This book started as a diary for me until I realised that I needed to reach out to all the beautiful humans who doubt their capabilities and worth due to their current state of mental health. I truly believe that we all have experienced the dark in some form or other but it has shaped us. I truly believe that the light comes through one day or the other and all the scars start to shine", said Dubey.

The book has been recommended by eminent personalities of the industry like R Madhavan, Gulpanag and Padmakalli Banerjee.

"The understanding of deep and mature emotions at such a young age is a hallmark of legends and the ability to empathetically express them with such warmth is quite baffling", said R Madhavan.

"Ishani's words are powerful, touching and extremely relatable. It's a must read to feel a distinct plethora of emotions", said Gul Panag.

"The Scars Will Shine is sure to leave an indelible mark on its readers. Each poem has intricately woven sensitivity and delicate emotions into powerful words. Ishani's poetic acumen will surely stir innumerable souls. A must read for all", said Dr Padmakali Banerjee, Author.

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