Rajasthan: Clashes breaks out during anti-encroachment drive; JCB operator dies

A JCB operator succumbed to injuries sustained during a clash that broke out between the police and villagers during an anti-encroachment drive in Taausar village of Nagaur district on Sunday.

The anti-encroachment drive was carried out on the High Court's order on the land of the Tausar Gram Panchayat.

"We were acting on court's direction, but the villagers were incited by a few political people," said Dinesh Kumar Yadav, District Collector, Nagaur.

"They started to pelt stones at us, the police tried to control the situation. It is a very unfortunate incident," Yadav added.

The relatives of the JCB operator have reportedly demanded an FIR to be lodged under Section 302 of the Indian Penal Code (IPC), a government job and compensation.