Amul to Jio: Ads with attitude give brands punch in fight with rivals

It is the age of the aggressive marketer as brands jostle to get up-close and personal with the consumer

Combative brands take centrestage

What connects the dots between actor Kangana Ranaut, telecom major Reliance Jio and dairy brand Amul? A scrappy, in-your-face attitude and an aggressive marketing playbook that positions them as bold outliers in the categories they operate in. And their reward, in a 24x7 digital universe of consumer engagement, are trending hashtags that catapult them to the top of the pile, no matter what they do.   Pugnacious brands are the rage. Consider the case of Ranaut, she barely misses an opportunity to pick a fight. She has been belittled by her colleagues in the industry, picked on, in the ...