Escorts unveils hybrid concept tractor powered by fuel and battery

Engineering conglomerate Escorts Ltd on Friday announced the launch of a hybrid concept tractor powered by fuel and battery both.

The company is launching the product in the range of 70 to 75 horsepower which can be boosted up to 90 HP with the help of its hybridisation feature.

Escorts' hybrid tractor has various operating modes. In hybrid mode, the machine uses two sources of energy -- diesel and electric -- to propel the vehicle. In pure electric mode, a tractor can run only on batteries with zero emissions. In ICE direct mode, the tractor is driven and operated as a conventional tractor with an internal combustion engine.

"These smart technology solutions are developed to cut down on emissions and increasing fuel efficiency boost productivity and agriculture output," said Chairman and Managing Director Nikhil Nanda.

The Escorts Group makes agri-machinery, construction and material handling equipment, and railway equipment.