Pro Kabaddi 2019 preview: Bengaluru Bulls look to end home leg with a win

Bengaluru Bulls is one of the team which is dependent on bonus points. The team on an average scores 4.8 bonus points per match and it is the joint best in PKL 2019

Dabang Delhi vs Bengaluru Bulls, PKL 2019
File photo: Dabang Delhi vs Bengaluru Bulls

In Match 77 of Pro Kabaddi 2019, Bengaluru Bulls will play their last home leg match, when they take on Telugu Titans at Sree Kanteereva Stadium in Bengaluru on Friday. Bulls have won two out of three matches in their home leg and look to end with a win. Bengaluru Bulls raid unit is one of the best in PKL7. The team has a raid point average of 19.0 which is the 3rd best in the league. The team’s raid SR of 45 is also the 3rd best among all teams.

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Highest Avg. Raid Points – PKL 7   Highest Raid SR – PKL 7
Team Avg. Raid Points   Team Raid SR
Dabang Delhi 19.9   Dabang Delhi 49
Bengal Warriors 19.4   Bengal Warriors 47
Bengaluru Bulls 19.0   Bengaluru Bulls 45
Bengaluru Bulls is one of the team which is dependent on bonus points. The team on an average scores 4.8 bonus points per match and it is the joint best this season.

Highest Avg. Bonus Points – PKL 7
Team Avg. Bonus Points
Bengaluru Bulls 4.8
Dabang Delhi 4.8
Telugu Titans 4.3
Bengaluru Bulls Struggle in DO OR DIE raids

Bengaluru Bulls have been riding on Pawan Sehrawat’s success. But even their main raider does not have a Raid strike rate above 50 in DoD raids. None of the raiders in the team have scored more than 10 raid points in DoD raids and have scored more than a Raid SR above 50.

Bengaluru Raiders in DoD Raids - PKL 7
Raider Raids Raid Points Raid SR
Pawan Sehrawat 18 9 50
Rohit Kumar 20 8 40
Sumit Singh 13 6 46
Banty 4 1 25
Bengaluru Bulls as a team have a Raid SR of 42 in DoD raids and it is the 2nd lowest raid SR this season.

Lowest Raid SR in DoD Raids – PKL 7
Team Raid SR
Telugu Titans 39
Bengaluru Bulls 42
Patna Pirates 45
Vishal Bhardwaj a threat in the defence
Vishal Bhardwaj has undoubtedly been the best defender for the team as well as in the league for the season. He has scored 48 tackle points. He is 2 tackle points away from becoming the first defender to score 50 tackle points in PKL 7. Vishal Bhardwaj has a Tackle point average of 4.0 this season and it is the best among all defenders. Among defenders who have made a minimum of 30 tackles this season. Vishal Bhardwaj has the highest Tackle SR.

Highest Tackle Point Avg. - PKL 7   Highest Tackle SR - PKL 7 (min. 30 tackles)
Defender Avg. Tackle Pts   Defender Tackle SR
Vishal Bhardwaj 4.0   Vishal Bhardwaj 74
Sumit 3.5   Sandeep Narwal 69
Manjeet Chhillar 3.5   Joginder Narwal 64
Vishal Bhardwaj has been the best when it comes to super tackles. Vishal has made the most Super Tackle this season by a defender scoring 8 Super Tackles. Vishal Bhardwaj also has a good successful tackle % of 80% in super tackles which is the best by any defender (minimum of 5 tackles).

Most Super Tackles - PKL 7   Highest Successful Tackle % in Super Tackles - PKL 7 (min. of 5 tackles)
Defender Super Tackle   Defender Tackles Successful Tackle % Success
Vishal Bhardwaj 8   Vishal Bhardwaj 10 8 80%
Mahender Singh 7   Sandeep Narwal 8 5 63%
Monu 6   Ravi Kumar 5 3 60%

Telugu Titans win prediction
Played: 14

Won: 8

Tied: 0

Lost: 6

Win rate: 57.14%
Bengaluru Bulls win prediction

Played: 12

Won: 4

Tied: 2

Lost: 6

Win rate: 33.33%