Meet Meena Ganesh, who offers health care at home for the chronically ill

With a staff of 4,000, including physicians and nurses, her firm Portea covers 16 cities offering services such as physiotherapy, nursing, home attendants, doctor visit, lab tests and mother care

Meena Ganesh
Meena Ganesh, CEO & MD, Portea Medical

Even as the service standards of hospitals have improved tremendously, post-hospitalisation healthcare continues to be fledgling and unorganised. People looking for care at home have to go from pillar to post in their search for a dependable nurse or service provider for medical procedures. It isn't just patients recovering from surgeries, even the elderly need long-term clinical support at home, as do patients on regular peritoneal dialysis and diabetes treatment. After spending decades in large technology companies and successfully launching online tutoring company TutorVista, ...