Rahul Gandhi should apologies for failing to waive farm loans in 10 days: Digvijay's brother

Congress leader Lakshman Singh, younger brother of senior party leader Digvijaya Singh, said on Thursday that Rahul Gandhi must apologise to the farmers of the state for failing to fulfil his promise that the party government would waive farm loans in 10 days of coming to power.

"We have not been able to fulfil the promise of farm loan waiver in the state. Rahul Gandhi should apologise to the farmers and clarify to them how long it will take for loan waiver. It will send a good message to the farmers who are angry," he said.

Ahead of the Assembly elections last December, Rahul Gandhi had promised that if Congress was voted to power in Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and Chhattisgarh, farmers' loans would be cancelled within 10 days of the new government taking over.

"The waiver has not reached the bank account of the farmers. The farmers are very angry," he added.

He also said that senior party leadership meets only selected people which is not good for the party.

"The party leadership meets only a few selected leaders. If it continues this way, don't know what will happen to the party. If the party has to be strengthened, the leadership should meet its workers, and this way in 2024 Congress will be able to come to power," he said.

"People ask if Amit Shah who is BJP president can come and meet their leaders why not Sonia Gandhi do the same," he added.