At least 89 Taliban terrorists killed, 60 wounded during operation by Afghan forces

At least 89 Taliban terrorists were killed and over 60 were injured during an operation in the Afghan province of Tahar in the past 24 hours, the country's defense ministry said on Saturday.

"Operation against the Taliban is going on throughout Afghanistan. In many areas, the Taliban have been forced to retreat. In the past 24 hours, 89 Taliban have been killed and 67 others were wounded in Tahar Province alone," the ministry's spokesman Rohullah Ahmadzai said at a news conference.

The government forces took control of the province's Bahark district of Tahar, he added.

Afghanistan has long been suffering from an unstable security situation. The government continues to fight Taliban, which has been waging a war against Kabul for almost two decades, and the Islamic State terrorist group (banned in Russia), which has been operating in Afghanistan since 2015.