PKL top raider Pardeep Narwal to play last match in Pro Kabaddi 2019 today

No raider has contributed as much raid points as Pardeep Narwal has done for his team this season. His contribution per cent of 66 is the best among raiders in PKL 2019

Pardeep Narwal, PKL 2019, Patna Pirates vs Gujarat Fortunegiants
Pardeep Narwal in action

In Match 124 of Pro Kabaddi 2019, Patna Pirates take on Bengal Warriors at Shaheed Vijay Singh Pathik Sports Complex, Greater Noida, on Sunday. The kabaddi fans will see Pardeep Narwal in action for last time this season as Patna would play their last league match. Pirates failed to qualify for PKL 2019 playoffs. On the other hand, Bengal Warriors may not go with Maninder Singh after he was injured in their previous match. Maninder Singh suffered an injury during the last match against Dabang Delhi and was substituted in the second half. 

Match 124 video highlights: Watch Pardeep Narwal raid fest in his last pro kabaddi 2019 match

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Patna: The only good raiding team which failed to make playoffs

Top performing raid units had a direct impact to their playoffs chances this season. The only exception has been Patna Pirates.

Top Performing Raid Units - PKL 7
Team Avg. Raid Pts Raid SR League Standings
Dabang Delhi 21.9 54 1st
Bengaluru Bulls 21.7 52 5th
Bengal Warriors 21.3 52 2nd
Haryana Steelers 20.9 50 3rd
Patna Pirates 19.3 46 10th
Barring Pardeep Narwal, all the top performing raiders of this season would be contesting in playoffs. This is a direct consequence of Patna’s over dependency on a single raider in Pro Kabaddi 2019.
Top 5 Performing Raiders - PKL 7
Raider Avg Raid Pts SUPER 10s Team's Position
Pawan Sehrawat (BLR) 14.0 15 5th
Pardeep Narwal (PAT) 12.8 14 10th
Naveen Kumar (DEL) 12.8 19 1st
Maninder Singh (KOL) 10.3 10 2nd
Vikas Kandola (HAR) 9.6 10 3rd
Patna Raid Unit: Fully dependent on Pardeep Narwal

Three-time champions Patna have failed to make it to the playoffs for the second consecutive time. The major reason is the ineffectiveness of finding a perfect second raider in the team. Since Monu Goyat, there has been a void left over in the side to support Pardeep.
Patna Pirates Raid Unit – Since PKL 5 Final Standings
Season Pardeep's Raid Performance 2nd Raider's Performance
Raid Pts % of Raid Pts Raid Pts % of Raid Pts
PKL 5 369 58% 191 (Monu Goyat) 30% Champions
PKL 6 233 47% 87 (Manjeet) 18% League Stage Exit
PKL 7 268 66% 54 (Jang Kun Lee) 13% League Stage Exit
Barring Pardeep Narwal, none of the other Patna raiders have averaged more than five raid points this season. Patna’s support raiders Jang Kun Lee and Mohammad Esmaeil, has been worse averaging less than 4 raid points this season.

Patna Pirates Raiders – Performance in PKL 7
Raider Mts Raids Raid Points Avg Raid Pts Raid SR Super 10s
Pardeep Narwal 21 422 268 12.8 64 14
Jang Kun Lee 15 126 54 3.6 43 0
Mohammad Esmaeil 19 125 38 2.1 30 0
Vikas Jaglan 21 57 12 0.7 21 0
Monu 21 66 11 0.7 17 0
No raider has contributed as much raid points as Pardeep Narwal has done for his team this season. His contribution per cent of 66 is the best amongst raiders in PKL 2019.

Highest % of Raid Pts contribution - PKL 7
Raider Team Raid Pts Cont %
Pardeep Narwal Patna Pirates 66%
Pawan Sehrawat Bengaluru Bulls 65%
Naveen Kumar Dabang Delhi K.C 56%