Lok Sabha seats should be rationalised on basis of population: JItin Prasada

New Delhi [India], Oct 8 (ANI): Former Union Minister and Congress leader Jitin Prasada on Tuesday said that the number of Lok Sabha seats should be rationalised on the basis of population.

Speaking to ANI, Prasad said there was a disparity in Lok Sabha seats in terms of population.

"Delimitation was done in 1971 at the national level. At that time, the country's population was 54 crore and taking the formula of 1:10, a total of 543 Lok Sabha seats were constituted. But things have changed and the population has doubled so there is disparity among the Lok Sabha constituencies in terms of population," he told ANI.

He said MP fund remains the same for every Lok Sabha member even as the population size of the constituency varies.

"I feel that there is a discrepancy in delimitation. The new population census will come in 2021 and the freeze on the number of seats will be released in 2026, so the government should start working on this now," he said.

"This is my personal view hand I want that government should look into it. At the same time I will raise it at the party level," he added.