UP: 'Chowki' decorated with gold worth Rs 35 lakh on Dusshera

Devotees thronged the streets of Prayagraj on Tuesday to take out a procession of Lord Rama in a 'Chowki' decorated with Gold worth Rs 35 lakh.

The unique tradition of Dussehra in Prayagraj is still being celebrated by the citizens here with full gaiety.

"It is a tradition of Pyayagraj to celebrate Dusshera by carrying out a procession of Lord Rama in a Chowki. This time it is taking place on a gold plated Chowki. Locals arrive in a huge number to perform this tradition," a local Sadhna Mishra told ANI.

"Lot of efforts has gone into making this Chowki. Artisans and technicians from across the country came together to make the Chowki. This has work with gold worth Rs 35 lakh. It took around seven months to complete this," said Rajesh Singh, a member of Ramlila Committee.

Every year, the Ramlila committee takes the initiative of adding something different to the celebration. It is believed that Lord Rama arrived in Prayagraj after beheading Ravana on Dashami.