Maharashtra: Girl dies after two-wheeler hits pothole

In a tragic incident here, a girl was crushed to death by a speeding truck after she fell-off from her two-wheeler that allegedly tripped on a pothole on Wada Bhiwandi road near Kudus.

The incident occurred on Wednesday, when the deceased, Neha Shaikh, was returning from Thane to her residence in Kudus after completing her wedding shopping with her brother.

The locals have forced the toll booth on this road to shut down until the potholes are repaired.

"A private company has built this road and from the past many years it is taking tolls from the public. Every day it is getting lakhs of rupees in the form of toll money but still, they don't repair the potholes. The situation is getting worse here with more and more potholes. We are doing a silent protest over here. We will not give toll if they don't repair," a protestor told ANI.