Chennai Airport: Customs seizes gold worth Rs 37 lakh

Customs officials seized gold worth Rs 37 lakhs on the Chennai International Airport from two men arrived from Sri Lanka on Friday here.

The accused were identified as Sivakumar Palaniyandi (42), and Sagay Mary (35).

"The personal search of Sivakumar resulted in the recovery of assorted gold jewellery of 94 per cent purity, weighing 525 grams valued at Rs.19.5 lakhs and that of Sagay Mary resulted in recovery of assorted gold jewellery of 22 K purity weighing 128 gms valued at Rs 4.7 lakhs and 320 grams of gold valued at Rs 12.6 lakhs was recovered from gold paste which was concealed in rectum," stated a press release.

In total gold weighing 973 gms valued at 37 lakhs was recovered and the same seized under Customs Act 1962.