Fatima Bhutto's book on the rise of showbiz from the global south

Fatima Bhutto makes a compelling case for her argument that the days of American soft power are fast ending, and the East is rising to take its place

Fatima Bhutto

I don’t think Shah Rukh Khan will be delighted at being described “like a subcontinental uncle” but that’s how Fatima Bhutto sees him as he leans towards her and says, sotto voce, “Fatima, I don’t mean to be personal, but it’s a long drive. Do you want to go to the rest room before we leave?” To be fair to Khan, he probably had her best interests at heart, as they set out from Dubai to Abu Dhabi by road, to watch Shah Rukh shoot for an Egyptian television show. And no, we are never told if Bhutto took him up on the offer as they sat in ...