Improper surgery is negligence

The order for payment of costs of Rs 10,000 was maintained.

Jehangir B Gai

Binu, who was 17 years old, sustained a cut injury on the Achilles tendon of his right leg on July 14, 1997. He was immediately rus­h­ed to George Varghese Hos­pital and was operated upon by Dr. Ganesh Babu, along with his son, a medical student. Subsequently, he was discharged on July 19, 1997, but continued treatment as an outpatient. On August 4, 1997, when Dr. Ganesh attempted to make Binu wa­lk, the latter collapsed, and his condition became critical. The next day, Binu was shifted to the Government Hospital at Pathanamthitta. Even after being treated, Binu ...