Panasonic displays future car at Tokyo Motor Show 2019

Tokyo Motor Show, one of the world's largest car exhibitions has attracted attention from car manufacturers showcasing their latest products. The theme of the Tokyo Motor Show in 2019 is 'future'.

"Future Expo" was held to introduce the Tokyo Olympics 2020 and to depict the future life.

The exhibition features the participation of home appliance makers, not car manufacturers. This car has automatic driving technology of home appliance maker "Panasonic".

This car is developed "Space L" by Panasonic. Inside the car, windows and ceilings can be used as a monitor to enjoy video and sound as 8K monitor gives people a sense of reality.

"The concept is a proposal for future cabin space and new value around 2030 in the future. When mobility style becomes automatic driving, the way people move and spending space in the cabin is changing. We will propose, for example, space as living room like home, room for relaxing, Movie Theater and place for enjoying with a friend," said Panasonic's Naoki Usui

Seat and space are controlled temperature and humidity automatically suitable for a person.

In addition, the front seats have a computer and a video phone that can be used in a business situation.

In this area, Panasonic is displaying the latest products. There are walking-training products for use by the elderly and power suits to simplify transportation.

One of the hottest products is a mist jet machine without getting wet.

"Countermeasure against the heat of summer in Japan has become a big issue not only for next year's Olympics and Paralympics but also for a large-scale event. I hope people in the world will experience this Japanese technology and feel the coolness," Kenta Yamada of Panasonic said.