Noida Authority reclaims Rs 21-cr land lost to encroachment

Over 200 shanties and temporary shops, which had come up on a 20-acre government land, were cleared of illegal occupation and the land worth around Rs 21 crore was reclaimed by the Noida Authority, officials said on Tuesday.

The land is located in an area notified by the Noida Authority in Nayabans village, near the Shani temple, and measures around 4,000 square metres, they added.

"The government land was illegally occupied by people from Delhi's Dallupura and 225 shanties and shops had come up in five to six land pockets there, all of which were removed on Tuesday by Noida Authority officials and police," an official spokesperson said.

"The enforcement department has been instructed to keep the land, worth around Rs 21 crore, free from encroachments," he added.